christmas playlists

It’s the first of December, and if you think that I’ll be playing anything other than Christmas music for the next 25 days you are very very wrong. to be fair, if you think I’ve been playing anything other than Christmas music for the last 25 days you would also be wrong (apart from 24 hours straight of the Moana soundtrack, but that’s another story).

If you know me at all, you know how much I love music. It creates instant atmosphere, it connects people who have never met, across the years and miles. It’s one of the easiest ways to emote, be heard, and feel empathy (I apologize to Mrs Buell and Mrs. Glenn, my AP English teachers who would be horrified to read that last sentence because of its blatant disregard for parallelism) (but it’s true).

So, without further ado, I present my seven (count ’em) Christmas playlists! Links are linked, fam.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas 
I defy anyone to listen to this album without bursting into a smile. It cannot be done; Vince Guiraldi, we salute you.

2. A Christian Christmas
Yes, Christmas wasn’t originally a Christian holiday. Yes, Jesus was probably born sometime in August. But every season should be a celebration of the coming of Christ, and Christmas is as good a reason as any for praise.

3. A Classic Christmas
The way Christmas was celebrated years and years ago. perfect for when you’re feeling nostalgic, or wishing you were Rosemary Clooney (a regular occurrence for me).

4. A Hipster Christmas
The perfect background music for Christmas-cookie baking, holiday reading, driving…really anything where you want to feel festive, but not necessarily sing along. Sounds best if plugged in to a record player—we call that acoustic boost ‘irony’.

5. A Christmas Party
Think of montages of Hallmark-movie families opening presents, throwing wrapping paper, and grinning cheesily at each other while toasting with hot cocoa that’s more marshmallows than cocoa, whilst a golden retriever barks along and everyone laughs. It’s that level of cliche Christmas.

6. A Piano Christmas
Because there are people in your life (and definitely in your office) who can’t hold a conversation/focus if there’s singing in the background. They too deserve Christmas cheer.

7. Today’s Christmas
Christmas cheer from this side of the 21st century, courtesy of Mr. Michael Buble, Ms. Idina Menzel, and a few miscellaneous others.

There’s one for every mood and a mood for every one. I hope you enjoy! Definitely let me know if you listen to them, so we can twin!

4 thoughts on “christmas playlists

    1. oh my goodness I’m so flattered–both that you got spotify, and that you like the playlists!! I think the hipster one might be my favorite too 🙂 If I have it on in the background, I feel like I’m in a montage in a holiday movie! haha


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