i met becca day one at baylor (literally, day one haha, we were in the same welcome week group!) and we’ve said since then that our friendship is based on food and Jesus. and it’s a good thing that that’s our common ground, because a lot of other things we have very different opinions on—she doesn’t understand my love of avocados, and i don’t get hers of nick jonas, but what can you do. our styles couldn’t be more opposed: i’m about structure and classics and becca is here for being bold and unprecedented… but that’s why i started this tag in the first place. to celebrate expressions of style, in all their differing forms. differences can be complementary, and i like to think that’s how becca and my friendship works out. it’s definitely how her style works out.


What are you most excited for about winter?
I am most excited about the quickly approaching holidays, which means yummy food and quality family time.

Least excited to leave behind in fall?
Fall is my absolute favorite season! I am least excited to leave behind the beautiful fall colors.

Favorite dessert?
Most definitely a strawberry, banana, and Nutella crepe.

Describe your style in 3 words.
Edgy, comfortable, undefined. (chrisy’s note, I want to interject here to say that becca’s style is marked by an attitude. like, she might not wear the same sort of look every day, but she wears every look the same way—with an attitude of confidence and casual capability. I’ve always admired that!)

Who are some of your fashion inspirations?
I have never really thought about my fashion inspirations before… I would have to say I love Jaclyn Hill’s style. She always has fun, edgy outfits, and I wish I could put outfits together like she does.

For each of the following, pick what you’d do if you could only wear one of these for the next year: (1) color (2) silhouette (3)type of shoe (4) pattern.
1. Black
2. Oversized
3. Boots (chrisy’s note: this is so real; once the temperature dips, I know it’s only a matter of time before I get a text telling me she broke out a pair of boots)
4. Stripes

If first impressions are last impressions, what would you hope people would think of you, from the way you dress?
I want people to see my clothes and think that I embrace my individuality and that I like to have fun with my style by changing it up. I would hope that it encourages them to do so as well.

Any other wisdom for the people? 🙂
Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident, and happy, even if they aren’t considered to be trendy or fashionable. Everyone has their own sense of fashion, which is great, because that makes everyone individual and unique!

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