christmas at the silos


It is no secret that I am obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines—the fact that I’m not hashtagging the 17 different types of goals that they exemplify, is nothing short of a herculean effort. This last summer, I went probably once a week to the silos; that’s actually not an exaggeration, since a good friend works there and so I would go and get Common Grounds from outside, sniff Jo’s new candles (her summer one was so magical) and try to guess where all the tourists were from. Fun fact, there’s a disproportionate amount of Fixer Upper fans that hail from Australia…they come from Australia to America to Texas to Waco, just for the Silos and the Gainses. I aspire to someday love something as much as they love Chip and Jo.

Anywayyyyys, this past weekend, I got the chance to return to the Silos!! I went with my sister to their Christmas at the Silos celebration. As expected, it was absolutely gorgeous. Christmas lights dancing on every surface they could, laughing kids bundled up like little hedgehogs, dedicated shoppers piling their arms high with all the paraphernalia they could manage, dutiful partners trudging bags of Magnolia merch back to the cars. I had my Common Grounds—there’s a certain satisfaction with the barista recognizing you, even though you’ve been gone for months, and also in his appreciation when you order a ‘caballero’, instead of asking for ‘a hot cowboy coffee, hot’, like all the other tourists (hair flip)(let me have my moment)—and watched families spreading blankets and settling down together on the lawn for the concerts. Michael Buble crooned Christmas carols over the speakers, glitter was thrown with abandon where kids were decorating their ornaments, everyone lined up for a picture with Santa. It was good to be back, and it was better that it was Christmas.

2 thoughts on “christmas at the silos

  1. This seriously makes me so happy about Christmas and also sad that I have yet to visit Magnolia! I seriously NEED to go VERY SOON! However, it looks like you had a splendid time there. It was so interesting to see so many people i follow on Instagram going to Christmas at the Silo’s that day:)

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  2. Isn’t it weird/funny when people you know from blogging and then from other places overlap, it’s so weird but cool! And I know you’ll love it when you do go!! It’s so pretty and fun and artsy and just perfect.


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