new years eve

img_0160img_0165img_0168img_0143img_0172img_0147img_0162img_0180img_0163I actually can’t believe this is this top’s debut on cc. I wear it (not even exaggerating) at least once a week, yet I’m always complimented on it! That’s a mark of versatility in a piece—when you can wear it on a consistent basis, but transform it enough so it looks like new. The skirt I actually bought over break, 40 minutes before I wore it to narrarate a Christmas pageant at church! Talk about precision shopping.

What is it about a midi skirt? Maybe it’s me pretending to be Rosemary Clooney (always, tbh)(I think I’ve said that before?)(yep, 400% said the same thing in this post) (also this one in a roundabout way). I think it’s a game of balance too. I’ve taken enough art classes to grasp the basics of asymmetry, and skirts like this one just seem to be begging to be used properly. Like a bright-patterned heel or a jeweled collar, midi skirts have to be handled with care. The whole ‘wear your dress; don’t let it wear you’ concept applies here. It’s ironic that such a demure silhouette can be so daunting but it oughtn’t be.

I love this quote from the Atlantic, describing the complexity of a midi: ” It was (and is) a tricky silhouette to pull off without looking stumpy or frumpy. With the wrong shoes, it was a disaster. While not as obviously youthful as the mini, it looked best on young, tall, slim women with the confidence to cover up. Like so many fashion trends, it won style points for degree of difficulty as well as for execution”.

The rest of the article is an interesting read on feminism and fashion, if you’re up for it.

Feelings on hemlines aside, your NYE outfit needs meet only one criterion: that you feel amazing in it. Whether you greet 2017 in matching pajamas with your family, in bundled coats with crowds in Times Square, or in a killer dress at a dinner-for-two, I hope you greet it feeling lovely and contented.

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