cc’s first birthday



I absolutely cannot believe it’s been a year.

On the one hand, it feels like CC has been around for much longer. The friends that I’ve made through the blogging community, the communities that I’ve loved to be a part of, the rhythm I fall into when developing a posting schedule; all of these feel like patterns and blessings I’ve had for much longer than 12 months.

On the other hand, it feels like much shorter. It couldn’t be more than a few weeks ago that I purchased my domain name, and started dabbling in css. It couldn’t be more than a month ago that I decided on the name, and penned The IT girl as a creed for myself and others. It couldn’t be more than a couple of days ago that I nervously created an Insta for my blog, so I could promote the content I was so proud of, without bugging all my irl friends.

Either way, here we are.

2016 was one for the books, and in oh so many ways. Personally, I went from living in a dorm with 600 of my favorite freshman girls, to living by myself in a city where I knew 3 people. I transitioned from college student to working professional (air quotes implied), and traded 6:55 aerobics classes for that ominous 9-to-5. Instead of decorating baskets for my lineage, I decorate cupcakes for gender reveal parties for coworkers.

And just like that, the year is over.

To the friends who agreed to take outfit pictures on their lunch break between classes, to the ones who didn’t think twice about a day trip to Dallas to visit a coffee shop and find some photo opps. To the ones who read and text me emojis/what they think, to the ones who I’ve yet to meet in person but whose blogs and Insta-feeds always inspire me. To the people who said that they’d definitely definitely read a blog if I started one, and who followed through with that promise. To the gals that follow me on Pinterest, and don’t repin my outfits because I’m the one wearing them, but because they  think they’re cute in their own rite. To everyone who notices when I take a break from posting, and gets excited when I start up again, and to anyone who has even once clicked onto my corner of the internet.

A year ago, I started CC because I believe in dichotomy. I believe that people are more than one thing, and that you have the capacity for greatness in many areas, not just the most obvious one. I believe that pretty clothes and good work are not mutually exclusive, and that you can have your red-velvet cupcake and eat it too.

Happy birthday to collared cashmere, and happy New Year to all. May this next year bring blessings, joy and macarons β™₯

2 thoughts on “cc’s first birthday

  1. I can’t believe at Collard Cashmere has only been around for a year because to me it seems sooooo much longer! I don’t even remember how I found your blog but I am so glad that I did because I love reading your posts!!! Here’s to the future of CC and more conversations over our love for Pride and Prejudice or certain Instagram “people”:)


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    1. You’re the sweetest πŸ’• I’m so glad I found your blog too! One of my earliest goals was just to follow along and learn from what you did lol so now it’s just so amazing that we grew to be friends!! …Also, viva la Pride and Prejudice and insta “people” fan clubs


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