a tulle skirt


I did the blogger thing: I bought a tulle skirt.

I didn’t mean to! I was just in Target—I know, first mistake—and it was on sale and I stared into the bullseye and next thing I knew, I was in the checkout line with not only this beauty, but a phone charger, wool socks, some wooden hangers and a cherry coke. C’est la vie, right?

And I joke that it’s ‘a blogger thing’, but I’m only half kidding, because it seems most of us have one hanging in our closet. I’ll call it the ballerina appeal. Effortless grace, unassuming beauty, simple elegance…chic, would be another word.

The kind of girl that owns a tulle skirt is the kind of girl that wears oval sunglasses and clear lipgloss, with a starbucks cup that could be an Americano or a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. She has an Italian Greyhound and a vespa, just in case. Swears by gelato but won’t touch froyo. She’s that brand of untouchable and whimsical.

If only we could all be Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sometimes glitter is gold, and sometimes it’s just glitter, and sometimes a tulle skirt dresses up an otherwise ordinary day. Β This shoot was in downtown McKinney, not NYC, and that’s actually really okay. Clothes can lend you a backstory for the day, but just because they’re adding to your main narrative. Just remember that you are the chic that your tulle presents.

4 thoughts on “a tulle skirt

  1. Dying over this skirt because its just so classic, chic, and ladylike…plus its PINK!! Oddly enough I don’t have a tulle skirt even though I have always wanted one (maybe that should be my next sewing project) but I love how you styles this. Also…can’t get over those last two lines in your post because they are #quotable:)

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    1. Ahhh you’re the sweetest!! I’m actually really surprised you don’t have one; you totally seem like you would! You should definitely make one–that way you could get the perfect length and flounce-levels lol. (Completely unrelated but) I’m definitely on the hunt for a good fabric for a ‘Dreams Come True’ skirt. As soon as I find something with a monstera leaf print, I’ll let you know!


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