denim and wool


I wore uniforms from the time I was five to the time I was seventeen; the days outside of school where you would see other people (and more importantly, be seen) were pivotal. From NCL events, where girls wore white gloves unironically, to school barbecues, where Californians tried to convincingly where plaid a la Lori Singer, the only thing that mattered was that you looked cute enough to override the daily monotony of pleated skirts and baby blue polos.

I remember being so frustrated with my mom,  because she refused to buy me skinny jeans (to this day, she has not bought me a pair; that was my big act of rebellion my freshman year of college lol), or a beaded tank top, or anything that seemed befitting of a teenager. “No matter how young or old you feel, you have to dress for the body you have,” she used to say, as she sent me to these functions in bootcut jeans and button down shirts.

Another trip down memory lane: one of my favorite pictures of my sister and me, is one of us sitting on the boardwalk near Tower 30 in Carlsbad. Both of our hair was short, and we were in white turtlenecks and corduroy jumpers. The picture could be of two little girls, at any point in the last half a century.

When I look at my wardrobe, the pieces that make me happiest, and the most comfortable, are the ones that’ve been worn for years. Jeans that Jennifer Aniston might’ve worn, but so might’ve Maureen O’Hara. A sweater that Grace Kelly could’ve worn, and that Diana Vreeland would approve of. When I say ‘timeless’ fashion, I don’t mean something that Audrey Hepburn would own. I mean the way she felt when she wore that gorgeous gown in Sabrina. I mean every single thing Kate Middleton wears. It’s not a look, it’s a transcendence.

High-waisted mom jeans might be a thing right now, and they might fade back out again in 6 months. Suede shoes might stay in for another year, or they might go the way of TOMs. But what won’t fade is me, the gal rocking these un-trends. I’ll be dressing for this body, like my mom taught me; even if low-rise jeans make a comeback, and I look ridiculous with denim up to my belly button. The goal isn’t to exemplify the fashion of the era you’re in, it’s to accumulate style from eras gone by. I don’t want someone to look at me and say ‘she’s fashion forward’. I want people to say ‘she knows what she’s about’. That’s the goal.


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