old firehouse bookstore

I can’t help it—I’m that cliche of a girl who, the second she crosses the threshold of a bookstore, transforms into Belle in all her “I’ve never seen so many books in my life!” glory. There’s just something wondrous about a bookstore! Particularly a used one. 

I don’t mean to be picky, but it’s knowing that someone else—maybe two weeks ago, maybe two decades ago—held the same book in their hands. They ran their fingers over the spine, flipped through the pages before beginning, settled back into a chair and was instantly lost to the world around them. Because just as much as the pages within a book tell a story, so do their covers. 

This bookstore in Fort Collins is a new favorite of mine. I’d be lying if I said I happened into it by chance (more like I googled the best bookstores in Fort Collins), but no matter how I came upon it, I was so pleased with it. Nestled in downtown, right next to a tea place and across the street from a Starbs, this firehouse-turned-bookstore was a delight of an adventure. I will say that I was suprised by their selection of scienxe fiction—it was quite extensive! That’s not generally my genre of choice, but to each their own? There was a solid autobiography section, and a feminist literature section, so I would’ve forgiven much. 

I impressed myself with my restraint, walking away with a parody children’s book for a friend (The Very Hungry Pregnant Lady), and a grammar book for myself (Between You & Me) (which, by the way, I’d highly recommend. I read through most of it on my flight from Denver to DFW and it’s absolutely charming). So yes, all told, 10/10 suggest visiting a bookstore made from an old firehouse πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

2 thoughts on “old firehouse bookstore

  1. Bookstores are absolutely so magical! I literally spend 20-30 minutes just looking through the books at Goodwill so when I visit a bookstore I can easily be there for awhile. My favorite thing is always to find the OLDEST book so that it great. Speaking of which, we actually have an antique bookstore downtown and it is the most magical place:)

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