stripes and sweaters


If y’all watched my Insta story in Sunday, you know the STRUGGLE that went down to get these pictures.

I’m an extroverted extrovert who likes extroverting, so having people around while I’m taking pictures usually doesn’t bother me. Do I get weird glances? Oh for sure. But I assume that they think I’m either an unapologetic narcissist, a desperate student, or a blogger, which means they’ve got a 66% chance of being right (I kid, I kid…I’m an apologetic narcissist). If they want to come over and ask what I’m doing, I have no problem chatting. If they want to ask me to take pictures elsewhere, sure thing. If they want to throw frisbees in my general vicinity, now that just circumvents cordiality.

Yep, you read that right: for this shoot, I unwittingly ended up in the middle of a disc frisbee course.

I have no problem with frisbees, disks, or courses, and if that’s how some people want to get their time in the great outdoors, then by all means. I was just really impressed by how imperturbable these folks were. They were not at all concerned by the fact that there was a girl, in a dress, with a camera/tripod situation set up in the middle of their field (or, in this case, wood) of play, they just kept right on frisbee-ing. They golfed, I photographed, we went our separate ways.

It’s weird to think about all the people you pass, and never see again. I guess that’s why I always make a point to smile or nod at people as we pass. There’s no way to know the day they’ve had, or the one they might, so it’s worth a moment to give a bit of sunshine. Everyone can use a little ray.

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