just another tuesday


Full disclosure: when I took these pictures, knowing it was for a Valentine’s Day post, I got in my head a bit.

You bought yourself flowers, that’s lame. You spent all this time trying to dress up and look nice, and it’s for a camera, not a date. This is so pathetic, and everyone can see it. There are so many bloggers that are in cutesy relationships; leave it to them to write a Valentine’s day post. What do you know about romance anyways?

Two young girls walked by me and my tripod, and I felt them staring at me curiously.

Oh gosh, they must think I look so dumb. I don’t even have friends to come take pictures for me, they probably think I look so ridiculous. Way overdressed for a park, randomly carrying a bunch of red roses…lol, be careful girls, else this could be your future.

One of them turned around and walked back to me.

“You’re really pretty,” she said quickly, then ran back to meet her friend and continue on her walk.

Three words, a quick compliment that cost her nothing, and it was enough to snap me out of it.

For some people, Valentine’s Day is a special kind of beast, isn’t it? 

Just like everyone else, from Kindergarten to 5th grade, where I scribbled a ‘To: so-and-so, From: Christina’ on the back of a candy hearts box, and stuffed it in a milk jug on the back of everyone’s chair. And during college when I was working in a dorm, I wrote my residents notes on doilies glued on red construction paper hearts, with some 30 cent lollipop taped to the back, and slid under their doors. But, here I am, post lower school and post college, and it’s my first official Valentines day that looks like the start of a 90’s RomCom.

(Before anyone asks, I will not, in fact, spend my night crying on the floor of my apartment, eating ice cream out of the jar with an oversized spoon, getting whipped cream on my pajama pants and wondering when Mr Darcy will come into my life…That being said, I will be eating chocolate covered strawberries at a creperie, while wrapped up in scintillating conversation with a help agent from the hosting site for my parents’ website, which they’re paying me to redo #ThatSoftwareDevLifeThough). I digress. 

Something about February 14th has us thinking that there are two states of existence: happy and in love and the human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji, or upset and angsty and the human embodiment of the crying cat emoji.

I wish more women would realize that not having a husband or boyfriend or fiance or whatever with whom to celebrate Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of being celebrated.

You can celebrate Valentine’s day with a S/O, or with your best gal pals, or with your cat and Ben and Jerry. Go to work, or classes, like you usually do, and go home and make dinner, like you usually do. Maybe splurge on a manicure or a nice bottle of something bubbly, if that suits your fancy. Do what you want to do, but really make sure you’re doing it for you. Not because you think you need to, or because you’re determined to not be a stereotype, but because it’s just another day. You should celebrate your friends/fam/boyf everyday, but if this day gives you an excuse to remember that, go crazy.

Back to the park.

When I finished up this shoot, I realized I was late to an appointment; I didn’t have time to run the flowers home, but they’d wilt in my car, and throwing them out felt wrong.

A few cars down, a single mother was trying to buckle her crying kids into their car seats. When I walked up to her, her expression shifted from exhausted to wary. And I realized she was thinking what I’d been thinking with the two girls earlier.

She probably thinks my kids are obnoxious, and wants me to make them shut up. Maybe she thinks I’m a bad mom, and that if I cared more, they wouldn’t be crying. She has no idea what I’ve been through today. 

The last thing she expected was to be handed a bouquet of flowers.

On this day, you’re worthy of love, of celebration, of roses. Choose to be a joy. β™₯

2 thoughts on “just another tuesday

  1. Oh my gosh….both of these stories just make me so happy! I love it when we realize it the little things that can make the most impact, and your views of Valentines Day are totally on point with mine….which is great (but not to surprising, since we twin a LOT)! Hope you have a splendid day celebrating you:)

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