I think I must’ve met Hannah unofficially three or four times, before we actually became friends, but when it stuck, it stuck. We were both Southern California transplants to Baylor, had both played water polo (let me tell you, girls with that particular skill set are few and far between in the South), and shared a love of Panera and an incomprehension of the Nikes-and-srat-shirt uniform that so many of our sorority sisters rocked on the reg (don’t get me wrong, we all have a day when getting out the door is a miracle, but every day? It’s just not done in California. We realized the difference: in California, people dress well but keep their makeup pretty basic/minimal, and it’s the inverse in the South—full makeup and hair to match tshirts and leggings. I guess to each their own?). Now that we work together post-grad, we get to reminisce over both our Baylor days and our SoCal days. Hannah’s always one to listen, let me barge into her office or instigate a coffee run, and our Monday lunches are consistently one of the highlights of my week. Personally, I think she sells herself short on the fashion front—girl knows how to put together a look. But I’ll let y’all see for yourselves…


What are you most excited for about spring?
I’m most excited about wild flower and crawfish season in the Spring! And I always just feel like there’s this spirit of rejuvenation in the air.

Least excited to leave behind winter?
However, I love colder weather, so I’m definitely bummed to be losing the season that is *supposed* to have a slight chill in the air.

Favorite dessert?
Oddly enough, this is a difficult question for me. I say “oddly enough” because I’m definitely not a sweets person… I can’t choose between my top 3: creme brulee, tiramisu & strawberry shortcake. Really, fresh fruit is enough of a dessert for me – my granny was Scottish and served the very simple “berries & cream” for dessert, which is probably where I learned to love adding fruit to my desserts.(Chrisy’s note: I was surprised Italian Cream Cake didn’t make the list! Basically, Han is just a terribly well-rounded human)  

Describe your style in 3 words.
Simple, comfy, and naive. I typically stick to classics that I know work well, and have a few items I wear pretty regularly that I just pair with other items. I strive to wear clothes that are comfortable, because that’s when I’m most confident in my own skin. I say “naive” because honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know how to accessorize; all I know is what I feel good in and what colors look good together, and I go from there… I think it generally works and I end up looking pretty put-together.

Who are some of your fashion inspirations?
Honestly, I’d say the gorgeous girlie writing this blog, Ms. Christina Lindsay. While we don’t have the exact same fashion sense (mostly because hers is much more elegant than mine) I love 110% of her looks. (Chrisy’s note: I promise I didn’t pay her to say that! She’s too kind to me.) 

For each of the following, pick what you’d choose if you could only wear one of these for the next year: (1) color (2) silhouette (3) type of shoe (4) pattern.

  1. Black – While I love pops of color, in general I like when everything I’m wearing matches pretty perfectly, and black is an easy color to match with anything else.

  2. A line – I feel the most confident while wearing things that show off my waist. Plus, I love a good skirt.

  3. Flats – I basically live in my nude flats, anyone you ask can attest to that. While I also love boots (and, therefore, love cold weather) I don’t think I could live without my flats.

  4. Polka dots – I just feel like they’re so playful! I also have a lot of stripes in my wardrobe…

If first impressions are last impressions, what would you hope people would think of you, from the way you dress?
I would hope people think I’m a confident, modest, young professional. In public, I try to dress myself so that if I were to meet a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, I’d feel good about shaking their hand and not being embarrassed by my fashion choices. This doesn’t mean being in a pantsuit 24/7, but at least being dressed presentably. I guess I get this from one of my college professors, who advised me never to dress like a slob on an airplane, no matter how tempting it may be to wear sweats, because you never know who you could be seated next to.

Any other wisdom for the people?
You do you. You don’t have to be up to date on fashion trends to feel good in your own skin. I honestly have no clue what I’m doing when I’m getting dressed, but it seems to work out pretty well just by choosing what I’m personally comfortable in. Be your own person & always endorse yourself by how you dress, because you really never know who you could meet. Also… be willing to try new things; be it food, fashion, fitness, or something else that starts with the letter “f” (yay alliteration).

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