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Alright. Remember when I just started out post-grad and thought I was busy/got overwhelmed? I was v wrong. This past week has shown me a level of busy that shot me back to senior year–taking 18 hours and working 40. Working upwards of 70 hours a week will do that to a girl…

Anyways, all this to say that I’m so sad that the blog has had to take a bit of a back burner this week! New content is coming next week, I promise. But, in the mean time, I wanted to throw together a list of blogs that I’ve been reading. These ladies’ blogs are perfect for a browse when you have 3 minutes to spare, and need a bit of fashion, life, faith, style, or career inspiration! There’s a combination of bloggers from this side of the Atlantic and abroad, girls with millions of followers and girls en route. These ladies have amazing style, and lives they’ve molded to match. Some of them are my friends and some are inspirations, but there’s something unique that I adore and admire about each of them; everyone’s linked up, so I hope you enjoy!

Sarah, from Classy Girls Wear Pearls. The blog that started it all for me. When I worked at a dorm, girls would walk by the front desk and ask about ‘that girl with the perfect blog, fiance, and life’, and I’d know they were referring to my obsession with all things Sarah Vickers. To me, it’s not just the gorgeous clothes, the timeless style, the idyllic backdrops for her photos (although trust me, in some low moments, all of those were enough to send me into a “God, why don’t you love me?? Why can’t my life be this perfect??” slump), it’s how hard Sarah and her husband, Kiel, worked to make those dreams a reality. They built an industry and a niche, and they celebrate that, and I so admire it!! If you need me, I’ll be wishing I had pin-straight hair and wore pearls every day…

Anna, from The Anna Edit. While I might have been raised to walk in the preppy/Sarah Vickers path, The Anna Edit is the blog that best exemplifies my style, work, and house goals. I came accross Anna’s blog from youtube, and remember clicking through every post and thinking ‘I love that…I’d wear that…I own that…I love that..’ and not being able to stop. PS she’s the one who pointed me to one of my absolute favorite style books, the New Garconne. I just love the classic simplicity with which she lives her life, and so much of what I aspire to be and do, she exemplifies. Also her accent is adorable, she and her fiance are the cutest, and they live in Brighton—seriously, I never had the option to be anything other than obsessed.

Madison, from Minnie Muse. The thing I admire most about Madison is her genuineness. She is so true to her style and to herself, and she deliberately and fearlessly shares vintage styles in a blogging world where it is so tempting to just post the next trends. She also owns and runs an etsy shop, is a full time student, and she gets the RA struggle. And we share a love of British period dramas, cute coffee places, and head scarves.

Sydney, from Summer Wind. Classic, timeless, and ladylike—these are the words that instantly come to mind when I think of Summer Wind. She even named her blog after a Frank Sinatra song!! Sydney’s blog was one of the first I started following once I started blogging myself. I really admire her work-life balance, her interior design skills (she recently moved apartments and has been keeping her blog updated with developments!), and, of course, her style. I think she dresses like a Kennedy, with a side of business. And I love that she stays true to herself! Sydney is quick to brag on her home city (Pittsburgh), her college, and her family, and that’s just something special.

Madeleine, from Lily and Blush. You know when you’re just getting into blogging, and you keep hearing how blogging will connect you with people you’d have never met otherwise? I heard that SO much during my first few months, and kind of brushed it aside, but then I met Madeline. The woman is in Australia! (Side note: check out her Insta stories for her accented narrations of her cat and adventures with her husband! Too cute.) I so admire Madeline’s confidence, easy-going personality, and positivity—although I’m also majorly jealous of the trip she took to Europe last year, all documented on the blog of course!

Krista, from Covering the Bases. I can 100% say I would not be a blogger without Krista Robertson/CTB. I’d had some bad experiences with reaching out to bloggers for advice/help as I was starting, and I either didn’t hear anything back, or…oh yep, that’s it, I just didn’t hear anything back. So many of them just ignored me! Krista not only got back to me, she gave me practical, thought-out, and overall solid advice on what it would look like to start up my blog. She was so personable and so kind, and that impressed me so much. Not only was this girl running a beautiful blog, she worked a full time (and super amazing, btw) job, and somehow found time to answer an email from a nobody in Texas. That says a lot about a person! Krista’s motto for the blog—work hard, dress well travel often–is the ultimate business plan. Check out her blog for a day in the NYC life, coupled with good humor, relatability, perfect hair, and a lot of gingham.

Samantha, from New York Blonde. One of my Style Collective sisters! I love reading Samantha’s blog because her style is so quintessentially New York–quite apropos, considering the blog’s name. She is gorgeous, has amazing taste, and pays homage to the great city she lives in. I think of all the bloggers I follow, Samantha is the ‘trendiest’, in that she pays attention to trends and NYFW, and adapts them into her life and style, but still while keeping her overall look timeless.

Joanna, from At Home. Because what kind of Baylor girl would I be, if I weren’t obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines?? Jo is everyone’s #goals for so many reasons; if for some tragic reason she’s off your radar, consider this your golden opportunity to jump into the fray. Shiplap, neutrals, fresh plants, and Jesus—seriously, guys, what’s not to love?

Hannah, from The Cake by Hannah.  I found Hannah’s blog because so many people kept saying “You live in McKinney? Have you heard of Hannah Morrison?” and when I finally got around to following her blog, I understood the hype. This gal is adorable, y’all! She has the cutest pup (named Presley, how precious is that??), and she runs The Cake Shop, a company that grew out of her blog. But, most importantly, Hannah is such a light for Jesus. Every single one of her posts shines with His love and kindness, and that’s what she actually set out to do on her blog: spread kindness like buttercream frosting. Check and mate, guys. SO much to love about this philosophy, this lady, and this blog.

Hope you check each of these ladies out!! They’re up to some pretty amazing things ♥

2 thoughts on “for your reading pleasure

  1. This was so much fun to check out new bloggers and see that there are a few people we both follow. That’s so cool that Krista from Covering The Bases (love her blog) gave you such great tips when you first started! Thanks for including my blog in this roundup and saying such sweet things. Can’t wait to get to know some new ladies in the blogsphere:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I was so surprised and humbled by that! She’s the best. Of course I included yours! You’re the vintage queen ♥ And definitely do check the other girls out! They’re all so kind, even the ones with massive followings have been so sweet and genuine when I’ve reached out!!


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