my top 5 reads


I think one of the best compliments I’ve ever received is that I’m well-read.

It’s such a relative phrase, because it could mean knowing Freud from Faust, and it could mean actually enjoying paragraphs on the mist over the moors (@Charles Dickens and Great Expectations, and decidedly not @Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights, which is a book I have a lot of emotions about)(seriously so many)(I wrote a 12 page—2 of which were required— epilogue for an extra credit assignment my senior year, detailing Catherine and Heathcliff being relegated to separate levels of hell a la Dante’s Inferno, that’s how much I hated those characters…). It could mean you like a pretty poem, or a nice novella, or a chic coffee-table-book, or just that you appreciate the alliteration of those adjectives.

Books are not only one of my favorite pastimes, but also one of my favorite decorations, so I wanted to share a list of 5 books with y’all today. They run the gamut, but they are all very very much worth the read, and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness, Marie Tourell Søderberg. I don’t generally go for ‘secrets of happiness’ type books; I’m a believer in hard work and inimitable integrity. Also, as a Christian, I don’t think you can trick yourself into contentment or happiness, but can find joy and peace in Jesus. That being said, some of the practices of this book are applicable to anyone’s life. ‘Hygge’ is one of my new favorite words, and it’s basically the concept of familiarity, comfort, effortlessness, and community. It’s never wanting the moment to end, it’s feeling safe and warm, and that having nothing to do with the temperature. It’s candles and knits and hot drinks and good conversation and long evenings. It’s home-iness.
  2. Literary StarbucksJill Poskanzer, Nora Katz, and Wilson Josephson. AP Lit friends, rejoice, this book is for you and I. The premise is simple: you’re sitting at your local Starbs, and all the characters and authors of your favorite pieces of literature happen to be there. What do they order? Do they tip the barista?
  3. The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman, Navaz Batliwalla. This book is everything I hope my aesthetic will ever be, in 160 pages, beautiful spreads of cactus and Chanel, and two hardcovers. This book makes me feel like I’m on my way to becoming the next Katherine Hepburn or Lauren Hutton. It celebrates the woman who finds distinction in her person, and so her clothes naturally follow. The woman who always looks like she puts in effort, but never that she was distressed. She is cool, calm, and collected, and she is attainable, thanks to this book. Bless you, Navaz Batliwalla.
  4.  Night, Elie Wiesel. This book is so important. The story is so important. It’s been called everything from an autobiography to a novel to a memoir, but it transcends genres. The stark, bleak and horrifying story of a Holocaust survivor, told by a man who lived through the nightmare. If you’ve read this one, then I’d really encourage you to read the second two in Wiesel’s trilogy, Dawn and Day. However closely to truth you believe the contents of this book to be, you need to read it. You need to see what humanity looks like when it’s starving or starved, beating or beaten. It will shake you to your core, and that’s why it was written.
  5. Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen, Mary Norris. Not at all the cliche romantic novel you’re expecting. This book is the parting advice of the top copy editor at the New Yorker. She shares her practical tips for choosing between who/whom, decoding commas, and perfecting syntax, accompanied by charming anecdotes of her time working her way up and through the ranks of the New Yorker. The first time I read this one was on a plane, and you best believe that I laughed aloud on that 11pm flight from Denver to Dallas. Perfect for those of us who automatically edit texts as we receive them.

The lovely Krista (aka one of my fave bloggers ever, over on Covering the Bases), put together a couple of her favorites from last month, as well as linking a couple other bloggers with their book recs, and was kind enough to link to this post; check it out here!!

What are some of your favorites? Have you read any of mine? Let me know what you guys think, and happy reading!!

5 thoughts on “my top 5 reads

  1. Soooooo MUCH to say about this! First off, can I just say I am SOOO IN LOVE with your apartment….like it is literally so perfect and I love how you decorated everything. Second, I wish I was as well read as I strive to be but reading often gets pushed to 3rd most important thing rather than being a priority considering the LOADS of books I have and still haven’t read (which is so sad). Third, I do agree 100% that books are not only great for a past time but also the best form of decoration. Lastly, I can’t wait to check out these titles.

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    1. Ahhh Madison you’re the sweetest!! Next time you’re in Dallas I’ll have to have you over ❤️ And I think wanting to be better read is half the battle!! As long as it’s a priority and something you’re working towards, I think that’s commendable! If you do read any of these, let me know what you think!!


  2. Your apartment looks so cozy and cute! I have one read one of these books and that was Night. It was a really good book though it was heart breaking. I will have to look in to these other books!

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    1. Thanks so much, girl! I just love having a space that feels like it represents me, and like home ❤️ I’d really encourage you to read the second two books in the trilogy! They chronicle a bit of the healing process, which is still unimaginable! Do let me know what you think ☺


  3. BLESS YOU CHRISY!! I love that you ‘got’ my book (The New Garconne) and it resonated so much with you. I loved writing it and interviewing those amazing women. I buy SO many books but am guilty of not reading them all. But one I loved was Stephen King’s ‘On writing’, a really entertaining mix of autobiography and tips on being a writer.


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