baseball mom


I don’t know what about this made me think ‘Midwest mom of three (named Dustin Jr, Jeff and Katie, in case you were curious) from the early 90s, who shows up to Junior’s middle school baseball game with a platter of sliced watermelon’, but I put these pieces together and the vibe was unmistakable.

I don’t think I’ve owned shorts this long since 4th grade, or shorts this voluptuous since ever, but I’m so glad I stumbled upon them while thrifting! It’s navy (such a win), high waisted (SUCH a win), and long enough, with the addition of a good cardigan, to be work-appropriate (literally the biggest win). I fall into habits really easily, and dressing for work is hardly an exception to the rule: midi skirt or tailored jeans, something collared, pointy shoes. That’s basically my go-to formula. And it works for me.

Breaking the norm is good too though.

Especially if it’s in shorts that Sally Albright would be proud of.

Sorry, 88 degree McKinney weather meant I ditched the cardi and knee socks. But how cute is the little scallop detail on the collar of the top?? And y’all know me, I can never say no to pleats.

…Does this mean I need to brush up on my baseball terminology and move to Nebraska?

5 thoughts on “baseball mom

    1. Hahaha I’m so glad you approve! Oh yeah I’m really glad I took the chance on these shorts; I love them!! It’s so fun when a piece can make you feel like you stepped into another person.


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