Lancôme Paris + Influenster VoxBox Review

There are quite a few things in my life that give me emotions. Musicals, bloodhounds, Anthropologie, hockey, when people say ‘the 75’ and I know they’re from SoCal… makeup is not usually on that list.

For me, makeup is something that’s always been a means to an end. I have scars or breakouts; cover them with foundation. My face looks bloated; throw some bronzer and blush on. Feeling average and unremarkable; break out a red lip. And it’s good in that capacity—in improving my self-image, in helping me overcome my insecurities, in making me confident when I’m not sure how to.

But it’s not been something that I get excited about.

So, when Influenster and Lancôme Paris sent me a complimentary box of products, I was excited, but not ecstatic. I was flattered to receive the products, in exchange for my honest opinion about them and hey, maybe I’d find a new concealer out of the deal.

And then I got them, and y’all, I now can add an addendum to that list of emotion-causing topics.

That’s what I get for underestimating a company named after a forest in La Brenne.

Okay okay, before I get into it, a bit of a disclaimer: I’ve built this blog for over a year, right? Spent a good long time developing exactly the tone I wanted to convey, and the brand I wanted to represent, right? Now would I throw that away for a free highlighter? Absolutely not. So, while these products were sent to me as a complimentary gift, my review and opinion are entirely my own, as honest and unbiased as can be.

Alright, that settled, let’s get into it.

Teint Idol Ultra Wear Foundation
Oh. My. Goodness. This is, without a doubt, the best product I received in this voxbox. With my background in outdoor sports + California sun + acne-prone skin,  extra protection is always something I’m on the lookout for in a foundation, and the SPF 15 checks that box. It applies smoothly and flawlessly, gently correcting any unevenness in color or complexion. I was so impressed by this foundations’ staying power: it promises a long-lasting finish, and I wore it from 9am to 1am one day, and it was still matte when I took it off! The color was a bit dark for me (see below), but that’s a flaw in my vanity—I always forget that my face and neck and several shades lighter than my arms!! Like I said, this product was a definite winner, and I do believe I’ll be repurchasing once I run out.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer
To be fair, this product had a hard act to follow. And so it’s not surprising that I wasn’t terribly impressed with it. As far as concealers go, it was a pretty solid one: covered any blemishes, and a little went a long way. But, after applying the Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation, I honestly felt like I didn’t need it! For what it was supposed to do, A+. For impressing me, and keeping up with the Foundation, a solid B. Nothing to complain about, but also nothing to write home (or, you know, on a blog) about.

Click & Glow Illuminating Skin Highlighter 
Confession: prior to receiving this product I’d never used a highlighter since my state capitol memorization days (lol puns). So I am far from an expert on this particular beauty regimen. BUT I will say that I loved a/pplying this! It was shimmery and smooth, and the application with the fun click pen was a fun feature. I was a little concerned that the color would be too light for me, but it wasn’t at all! I’ve played around with it with a few other foundations, and I’m pretty impressed with its versatility. I don’t know if I’m sold on the concept of a highlighter, but it was definitely a fun addition to my beauty routine!

Le Matallique (in Mirrored Nude) Lipgloss
So here’s the thing with lip gloss. I have a bit of a darker skin color, so something that’s meant to be neutral or baby pink ends up looking like some sort of ridiculous shade of white on me. I’m not opposed to nude colors, but I usually go for more brown tones for the ‘neutral’ effect. So I was pleasantly surprised with this gloss. It’s definitely lighter than the shades I’d usually reach for, but it wasn’t cartoonish or ridiculous at all. Definitely for day-wear. But it was light, went on smoothly, didn’t feel sticky, and lasted for a while. Nothing to complain about here!

So there’s my review of these products! A huge thank you to Lancôme Paris and Influenster for these complimentary products!


Alright so a bit of a sad story for y’all: I worked really hard on filming a video for this post. I’d never done any sort of product review and thought it’d be a fun kind of chatty makeup vid…and I filmed it and it was and I had SO much fun doing it! BUT, the audio was completely wack, and I couldn’t use any of it. I’m so bummed, because I had way more fun that expected, and spent a  lit of time on it! I guess I’ll have to channel that kind of energy into future endeavors.

Is that something that y’all would be interested in? A couple of CC videos? Let me know!! In the meantime, happy Tuesday, y’all!

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