call me mason weaver


A bookish look to compliment a bookish week.

At work, we play a concoction of rain recordings and white noise over the loud speakers. It’s the subtle drone, to encourage conversation and keep content those inclined to no music. Which leaves those of us who like music, to our own devices with our headphones.

I have a ridiculous amount of playlists pulled up on spotify—from Ben Rector to Ed Sheeran to Rosemary Clooney to Ward Thomas—but this week I realized audio books are a thing, and have been happily listening to my favorites: The Count of Monte Cristo and The Scarlet Pimpernel. What can I say, I’m a nerd for classic literature.

There’s something soothing about hearing these stories again.

For whatever reason, I don’t like rewatching many movies. I know the parts, I know the climax, I know the expressions, even the inflections. But books, books I can revisit again and again. Especially ones written to long ago and with such elegance.

There’s just always something to discover, and stepping into a story really is like opening a doorway to your imagination.

You know when Gene Wilder sings (in a tragic misuse of technicolor) to come along to a world of pure imagination? That’s what reading is. You’re no longer in an office, you’re in the Day Dream skimming along the coast of Calais with Percival Blakeny and co. You’re crouched in a cell in Château d’If, or visiting the infamous hideout of Luigi Vampa with the former Edmond Dantes. You’re taking tea with the Bennet sisters or learning society in Satis House with Pip.

I’m not one of those people that insists that all great literature was written in the 19th century.

But a lot of it was.

And it’s fun to dip back in time to revisit them.

What a rabbit trail, right? Maybe it’s these old loafers that had me feeling nostalgic. Or the glasses, or the high waisted shorts, but something about this feels very retro.Zoologist meets jungle photographer, something like that? I’ll take it.

(p.s. if you got the title reference, A+ to you. Did I go see this movie because (1) Brie Larson is my hero and (2) to see Tom Hiddleston in a role where he wasn’t overshadowed by a wig or aggressive sexuality? Yes and yes).

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