new orleans pt. II

IMG_0928IMG_0959IMG_0951IMG_0937IMG_0939IMG_0961IMG_0953IMG_0954IMG_0963I’ve never been much for journaling (ironic, since I run a blog which I suppose is pretty similar in concept?), but I grabbed a cute one from Target before New Orleans, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Like I said in my last post, this was the very Caro + Chris way to do a city. Nothing too crazy, lots of meandering, a few bookstores, and lots of food. And bear in mind that we drove 8 hours from Dallas to NOLA, and had to drive the 8 hours back the next day, so I hope you don’t judge our 10pm checkin too harshly! This post is alternatively named: how to spend a day in The Big Easy when you don’t drink and aren’t much for the party scene. Enjoyyyyyyy

08:15 am Rise and Shine! Beignets at the Cafe du Monde. They were amazing, and we barely spilled powdered sugar. Cafe au lait was amazing, too, of course.

09:38 am St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. Some fun street art too, throughout the French quarter, and some talented musicians made an appearance. I can’t imagine the courage and dedication it’d take to get up and perform each day for a crowd of strangers…

10:04 am Tried on masks at Royal Masks. I’m all for some A Cinderella Story style masks, but when they start looking like plague masks, that’s a hard pass for me.

10:21 am Browsed through the Faulkner House. This was the place where William Faulkner wrote his first novel! There’s some pretty cool history there, and I think that’s actually what impressed me most about the city—the people’s dedication to keeping their history alive.

11:30 am Lunch at Tableu. It was amazing, and on a gorgeous balcony…we didn’t realize till after that there was an enclosed patio, which was equally picturesque. Caroline had gumbo and I had French Onion soup…also we split a fair sized order of fries and a loaf of bread, because portion control is a thing of routine, not vacation.

12:19 pm Wander and people watch in the French Quarter. What is the big deal with pralines? Why do people decide to tour New Orleans en masse, via segway? Is no one else getting whiplash from the taro card reader just steps outside of the Cathedral? We may never know…

01:20 pm Drove around the Garden District. Some of these houses are soooo beautiful, y’all! And there are some really cute little shops around here, which of course we stopped for and perused.

01:50 pm Coffee and croissants at La Boulangerie. This place was so cute, and the croissants were perfect. Also the decor was just darling: white and marble and royal blue and dark wicker.

03:26 pm Shopping at The Rink. I love curated shopping places like this. There was a place selling baby clothes, a place selling old books and a place selling blanket scarves.

04:30 pm Shopping at the Shops at Canal Place. Because even on vacation, there is always time for Brooks Brothers, Anthropologie, and Vineyard Vines.

06:19 pm Dinner. We went to a fondue place, and our poor waiter kept trying to give us suggestions of bars to go to, or fun places to turn up. His expression when we kept reiterating that we actually weren’t about that was pretty priceless.

08:05 pm Bought sweatshirts. The temperature dropped with the sun and, despite all our shopping from earlier, we were woefully unprepared for the climate change. We found some (surprisingly cute?) $5 mens’ sweatshirts at H&M, and they did the trick.

08:34pm Cafe du Monde, round two. The beignets were that great, y’all.

09:41pm Home again, home again.

As cities go, this one was 100% my style. But, I still had an amazing time and made some pretty great memories, and can you really ask for more that that?

Sooooooo remember when I asked y’all if you wanted video content? Well, here’s a shaky, recorded-on-my-iPhone, mostly-a-collection-of-Insta-stories, vlog of NOLA. Let me know what you think!

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