baseball mom pt. II


If this look (this one) was a baseball mom at the middle school diamond with a platter of watermelon, then today’s look is a baseball mom chaperoning the high school team on their way to a series in the middle of July, who manages to keep straight the orders of 30 freshman at In-n-Out.

Why does my mind work this way.

Something about this look is so nostalgic. The hair (which I was told, with a straight face no less, reminded someone of Betty Boop…no wait, Bette Davis) does seem pretty vintage, but it’s actually one of my bad-hair-day fixes!! You’d never know, right? Then the cropped pants, the broad cotton blouse, red lip, the navy and white together, with the stripes and the hint of embroidery…something about this just works.

It could be that the Fourth of July is just my favorite, and I’m gearing up for it early.

Is that such a crime?

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