so taylor was my grade school friend, then my baylor friend, and now my post-grad friend, and it really is crazy that we’ve known each other that long! we’ve been through hundreds of art classes (i tried the math out, and it’s actually more than 500, which is unbelievable) (at which point, i wised up and stopped sitting next to the future graphic designer extraordinaire), filmed two embarrassing history projects (pretty sure we got A’s on both? sympathy may very well have played a factor), ran the baylor line in floyd casey (rip), discovered guerilla troupe, and so many more fun things together, so when she was out in my neck of the woods for a friend’s graduation, i had to steal her for the day to explore one of my favorite areas of dallas: lower greeneville. she fit right in with the hipster/eclectic vibes of the neighborhood, and we knew it was meant to be when the pretty storefront we stopped to take pictures of was actually a records store. as always, i asked her the same questions as i do everyone in this segment, and, as always, it’s so fun to see my friends express their style on paper as well as in the pictures we take!!


What are you most excited for about summer?
I am most excited for undeniable beach-going weather and surfing. Let’s be real though, is their really ever not a time to do that in San Diego? (the answer is generally no)
Least excited to leave behind in spring?
I will definitely miss all the wild flowers and the green-ness  we had this spring! San Diego has been the greenest it has been in years due to our large amount of rainfall!
Favorite dessert?
Without a doubt, ICECREAM. I prefer cookie dough or chocolate but I am open to pretty much any flavor.
Describe your style in 3 words.
Girly-tomboy, Socal (Southern California), Chrisy would say hipster but hipsters can’t say they are hipster soooo… eclectic?
Who are some of your fashion inspirations?
I would have to say for starters definitely Chrisy. (I wish I had every pair of her shorts) Then I would say Amanda Faye. She is a vlogger on youtube who recently became a mom and has a cool California indie style that I really dig. Is it weird that my 3rd one is a guy? Call me crazy but I love the simplicity/carefree feel of guy’s styles. Cody Simpson inspires mainly my style in accessories. I love his rings, his suede hat, pointy-toed oxfords and I would steal his jean jackets any day.
For each of the following, pick what you’d do if you could only wear one of these for the next year: (1) color (2) silhouette (3)type of shoe (4) pattern. 
1. Turquoise(it’s my favorite color)
2. A-line
3. pointy-toed oxfords (my Sam Edelman ones preferably)
4. plaid
If first impressions are last impressions, what would you hope people would think of you, from the way you dress?
I love this quote by Steve Woodward that says “style means confidence in what you choose to surround yourself with.” I hope the way I dress says everything about who I am and what I value. I would like people to think of me as a loving, joyful, passionate, confident and creative person who not afraid to take risks and truly cares for others.
Any other wisdom for the people? 🙂 
Never let the fear of imperfection keep you from producing work. Get your ideas out there because worrying too much about things not being perfect can hinder your creativity and productivity. You have dreams and aspirations right?! Stop talking about them and go after them. Take action. Even if that means working on weekends, late nights, lunch breaks, etc. A good idea is only as successful as it’s execution. There are going to be people out there who will doubt you will reach your goals; prove them wrong. Don’t worry too much about the journey because “worry is just a misuse of imagination”- Harris III

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