boat shorts


Because boat shoes, you’ve seen. But these cute lil shorts have sailboats on them!! Outside of the blog, I don’t have much of a reason to wear shorts (they’re plenty modest, but not work appropriate lol), but when I saw this Ralph Lauren pair, I just couldn’t resist. Navy? Check. High waisted? Check. White, sketched pattern? Check. Somehow nautical without being trite? Check. Seriously, y’all what more could I want in a pair of shorts?? 

And if you’ve been watching my insta stories lately, you’ve probably noticed a trend: sleeveless turtlenecks. To be totally candid, I don’t know if they’re actually back in vogue, but y’all they are my summer top of choice. Professional enough for work, yet fun enough to take you outside for an afternoon of sunshine—AND no sleeve tanline. What a win. As I’m writing this, it has JUST occurred to me that there are people everywhere, who are into the whole cold-shoulder trend, who will inevitably fall asleep in the sun and wake up with a seriously epic tan line…what a world it is, in which we live. Is that enough to incentivize me who try out the trend? Lol, no. If you need me, I’ll be over here, stuck in fashion yesteryear, happy with my dated colors and sailboat shorts. 

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