fourth of july


Guys guys guys it’s my favorite holiday, my favorite dress, my favorite red lip and wow what a day today is.

Happy Fourth of July.

Other than popping in to share this fab outfit (this dress was such a staple for me during college! I wore it to rush events, church, skype interviews, everything) and this amazing purse, I just wanted to make sure I wished you all a Happy Fourth of July.

And I know some of my readers aren’t American, so bear with all of us today as we’re in the throes of patriotism. Your insta feeds will be full of fireworks and sparklers and probably even some eagles. Stateside, I know a lot of people are struggling with celebrating this holiday this year, and for lots of different reasons. So I just wanted to share why I’m celebrating today.

July 4th, 1776. It’s not the day the war was won and it’s not the day Great Britain let America go. It’s not when slavery was abolished, and it’s not when women were given the vote. It’s not when people started or stopped fighting. It’s not even when the Continental Congress voted to declare independence from Great Britain (fun fact, John Adams fully believed July 2nd would be the day we celebrated, because that’s when everyone actually voted). Instead, it’s the day they agreed on the terms of that separation, and got it all sorted in the Declaration of Independence. There’s something amazing about the fact that the day we celebrate isn’t the day of decision, but legislation. It’s the order behind the passion, and the head behind the heart.

I’m so proud of my country.

Guys, I’m literally tearing up in a coffee shop, because I believe so much in us. We’ve come so far from then, from a document written by 5 men and signed by 56. Laws have changed and times have changed, some for better and some for worse. And I stand with a lot of people who are uncertain about where we are right now. But I am so certain about who we are.

America has always been a nation of believers. We’ve always been people guided my principles, religious or not, and always let our hearts hold the reigns with our heads. We push for what is right, and we fight for equality. We stand by those who can’t stand for themselves and we support those who need it. We admit when we’re wrong (and sometimes we are really, really wrong) and then we do as much as we can to fix it. As I write this, it’s so easy to think of what we’ve messed up. So easy to think of the times when it took us way to long to realize we were going the wrong way. And I can’t undo that, though I wish I could. And when I see fireworks tonight, when I sing my anthem, I’m not celebrating those wrongs. I’m celebrating the rights we did to fix them. I’m thankful for my freedoms. Thankful that I can have an opinion and share it, thankful that I could pray in school, and that my prayer doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. Thankful for three separate branches of my government that are so often in contention, because it means different voices are being heard.  Thankful for the colors of the flag that flies, thankful more than anything for the men and women overseas, wearing that flag on their shoulder and carrying it for me. Thankful for the God who watches over my country and is coming back again to restore a perfect government.

Today, let’s choose to be filled with gratitude rather than resentment. Let’s be proud to be American.

Happy Fourth of July, fam.

2 thoughts on “fourth of july

  1. Wow, this post brought tears to my eyes and I’m not even American! I just love your patriotism, and America is a great country and it’s so great you’re so proud. Reading your words made me proud of my own country too, and I’m so glad of the strong ties and relationships we have with the US. Our men and women fight together with your country as well and I am so grateful for their sacrifice.

    xx Madeleine

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    1. Madeleine thank you so so much for your kind words!! This is honestly one of the most touching things I’ve ever read about my blog and it means the world to me. And I am infinitely grateful for the Australian men and women who are in service with our American soldiers; you’re right that that tie is definitely something to be proud of ♥


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