a borrowed sundress


At some point, I’ll have Amber herself on the blog, but for now I’ll just steal her clothes. When I think of my friend Amber, I think of bright colors. Probably because her dorm room was always this swirl of magentas, teals, yellows, and the like, but also because she’s a bright and colorful human.

This dress I’m wearing in this post, is one that I think is so so pretty—but it’s not my style. Like at all. I generally don’t go for patterns, and if I do, they’re of the one-color-on-black variety. But this is very much an Amber dress; I love it. Peppy and confident and makes-you-want to twirl.

This jacket has been on rotation since I got it, too, and this one really is mine. I guess it’s technically a shirt, but it zips in the front, so you can’t imagine that I’ll wear it as anything other than a layer over something else. The sleeves are a little short (because of course they are), but I like cuffed denim anyway, so it works out well. White sneakers and mid-wash denim are pretty much my calling card these days, so it’s fun to mix it up with a sundress (since I literally only own one, and I already featured it here, back in February or something), especially one that isn’t mine. So shoutout to friends who brighten your life and let you raid their closets ♥

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