Collared Cashmere started in my dorm room, my senior year at Baylor University—the result of one too many people saying “Why don’t you post pictures of your outfits on a blog?” But I followed (religiously) too many other blogs to think that I stood a shot at being distinguished for just the clothes I put together. Then, over lunch, one of my friends exploded with the idea that I should start a blog called “The IT Girl”, a play on words for Information Technology and the girl who has her life together. I’ve thought of, even tried, starting a few blogs before, but that concept wouldn’t get out of my head.

Click here to go to my first post; it’s where I outlined what I wanted for this blog. I’ve linked back to it because it keeps me focused and reminds me what I’m trying to do here. It’s a little wordy, but it was my heart, and still is, for CC.

So this blog is for me, and for anyone else who is like me. We’ve one hand in that glitter, and another on a keyboard. We love coffee, but we take it with two shots of espresso, instead of on a Parisian balcony. We pick heels that match our suits, as well as our handbags. We wear blush and blazers, pearls and pencil skirts, collars and cashmere. That’s who this is for.