trust fund baby



This outfit made me feel like the kind of person who’d throw a party in the middle of summer–probably on her rolling lawn, with croquet and bocce ball, and tall glasses of lemonade that came from hours of boiling water and sugar. Or who believes that pink and green go together like sweet and tea, and that Lilly Pulitzer is the ultimate example of life, fashion, entrepreneur, and debutante goals.

In reality, I think powdered lemonade mixes have their time and place (if it’s going to be spilled or abandoned in little cups around my house, it’s going to be the result of Old Time Lemonade’s labor, not mine) and that pink and green really only work together in a bouquet. And I know a lot of people love Lilly, so I won’t say anything too jarring, but I’ve never worn a dress in bright yellow, green, orange or pink, much less a shift that combined all four hues. But, lest I pride myself too much, I definitely have a coffee table book from the woman herself, and it’s one on my favorites to flip through.
Truth be told, I wanted to be a Southern Prep for a while. The fact that I go to Baylor, and am surrounded my girls that follow The Preppy Handbook to a T, only exasperated the fact. I’ve since come to the conclusion that my hair will never be straight and thick, strings of pearls are for special occasions instead of daily wear, and I have no desire to own a DVF dress. Thank you, no.

Every now and then, though, it’s fun to flip through the books and old (by old, I mean from sophomore year) pictures, to see who I wanted to be. I think it’s good to sometimes try a path that isn’t your own, because then you see how much it doesn’t fit. And once you know who you are, no written handbook can dictate your life/style, no more than the people around you can convince you to mimick them. You’re comfortable enough in who you are, and you can draw little pieces from them–like florals and a blue button down–and combine it to something that’s much more fun than trying to follow a standard that no one cares that you keep.

{ Shirt: Ralph Lauren ||Skirt: || Flats: Merona }

in your fancy heels


I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. || I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. || The heart of a man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides, and in its depths it has its pearls, too. || Admire more. Most people don’t admire enough. || I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. || What is done in love is done well.

If I’m matching Van Gogh, something is right.

{ Blouse: Loft, similar || Heels: Merona || Jeans: Old Navy }

someone in a rush

A rush is pretty much exactly how my day went. Ran up to Dallas again, spent two hours learning exactly how much I don’t know about html, squeezed in time for Chick Fil A and then it was back to Waco for a birthday dinner! It was a lot, but I was happy to do it (s/o to Rach for spending her afternoon running around Central Texas with me!!). It was the innaguaral wearing of these pencil pants, which I’m pretty excited about!!

If anyone watches Quantico (side note: if you need a TV show to binge, this is it. It’s on Hulu, I think? I made it through 22 episodes in one weekend so I’m pretty much the ultimate authority on this show), I felt like Shelby Wyatt in these pants. I’d been needing a pair of pencil pants for professional wear and Loft had these and they had pockets so I was sold before I tried it on.

If I’m going to spend 5 hours in a car getting to and from an interview, it’s going to be in pocketed pencil pants.

{ Blouse: || Trousers: Loft || Flats: sister’s }

summer in the city


This shoot was one I’ve been excited for since starting the Surrogate Schuyler tag, and it didn’t disappoint. I had an interview up in Dallas so a friend and I took the day to explore the city!!

We started at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District–I had a latte and an avocado+tomato Benedict and was basically in breakfast heaven. We wandered in and out of pie shops and chocolate shops, but curbed our sweet tooth until later. Then we went to Sprinkles; it was actually my first in-store experience (I often say that I was the worst person to live in Southern California, since I loved loved loved San Diego, but never really ventured up to LA, at least not enough to know it well enough.). I’d had Sprinkles cupcakes before, obviously, but hadn’t ever been to an actual shop! It was exactly as expected: saccharine sweetness abounded.

If cupcakes were Caroline’s indulgence, macarons and hydrangeas were mine. We stopped at Apples to Zinnias in Park Cities to pick up a bouquet (after all, if I was going to channel Sarah Vickers, I was going to do it properly), and then we headed over to Lower Greenville to wander through Trader Joe’s, explore the storefronts, and ultimately for for Joy macarons. Then it was off to downtown to take pictures in all our bouquet-ed and striped glory, and an obligatory In-n-Out stop on our way back to Waco. Lots of sugar, lots of singing along to the radio, and a few times getting lost; it was a wonderful day. There really isn’t anything like summer in the city.

{ Sweater: Gap || Shorts: Levi || Flats: my sister’s…I may have stolen them when I came back to school…sorry, M!! }

mind at work

12345678Sometimes you go into the chicest coffee shop in town, spend 20 minutes on the rooftop porch in the heat, mosquitos, and golden hour lighting, take some 50 pictures of your professional outfit, and end up using exactly none of the shots. Because the 10 you snapped on the street en route to said coffee shop were much much better. Them’s the breaks, I guess!

You know I love a strong set of neutrals like an amazing cup of coffee, so the pairing of the two worked really well for this post. I think the thing I like most about this look is that none of it exactly matches; the skirt is camel, the heels are cognac, the belt is mahogany, the purse is just leather, and the top throws everything for a loop by just being cream. Nothing is the exact same shade, but I like to think that neutrals are kind of like friends: if they’ve the essentials in common, no matter how you throw them together, they’ll complement each other.

Anyways that’s my attempt at philosophy for the evening. Further parallels between good neutrals and good friends:

  • They make you look so much more put together than if you didn’t have them.
  • Invest in a few quality friends/pieces, it’s better to have a few that you know will always work with you and make you feel good, as opposed to something cheap that shows wear.
  • Though the seasons change, they’ll never go out of style.
  •  Both are just really really fabulous to have around.