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    Find out more about where CC came from, and who I am.
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    Here we take it back to the baby stage of CC. It’s pretty important to me that I stay true to what keeps this blog different from all the others out there, and this, the first post on this blog, does a good job of explaining that philosophy.
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    Check it out, it’s kinda cool.

I’ve been the girl that works up half a dozen drafts before sending one email; I was terrified the first time I reached out to a blogger. She never responded, but that was okay. Because the next girl, and the next, were so incredibly kind and helpful and I’m so glad I reached out to them. So if you’re feeling like taking a chance, shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you—feedback on the blog, questions about something I might know, or puns. Puns are nice.

It’s not exactly a thrilling read, but I figure it’s better to have this and not need it than the other way around…


  • dress
    Okay, here’s my philosophy with clothes: do you. What you wear should showcase who you are; outside of being honest and embracing it, there’s no right or wrong way to do that. That being said, I am a pretty firm believer in being proud of the image you present when you step out the door. I’m not talking pride as in arrogance, or even vanity, just an acceptance.  So that’s why I share what I wear–to brunch, to work, to dinner–not because of my revolutionary fashion-game (I kid), but because there’s something to be said about owning up to that part of yourself.
  • friends
    Here’s where my friends take over!! Not really. But it is where I get to brag on them–their style, their philosophy, their cleverness, their prettiness–and the best part of it is, they use their own words.

It’s a big part of my life, and so it should be on my blog. For a while, I tried to keep my faith and this blog separate: people still read Collared Cashmere, I grew an Instagram and Twitter following, and I was able to be a part of some really cool communities. You can read more about my decision to add this tag here, but in short, I just felt that I was being dishonest about something I’d hoped to never be dishonest about! Being a Christian  means being unashamed of your faith and bearing witness to the character of Christ in every outlet of your life. I don’t think I’ll ever intend for this site to be a ministry, but I do intend for my life to be one, and this blog should reflect as much. With that being said, if there’s anything regarding my faith that you have a question about, want to chat over, or even if you have a prayer request, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email! I’d absolutely love to talk with you ♥

This is the tag where I have my geeky moments. Maybe I learned a thing at work that gave me the perfect words for an outfit post, or some nerdy trivia that made me disproportionally excited, something like that. Full disclosure, never in a million years did I think I’d end up in software development, and yet here I am. So this is the tag where I let my geek and girly girl hang out, which is pretty cool. Again, it’s that dichotomy which I’m all about, y’all…

I haven’t lived half the places I’d like to, but I have been very very blessed by the cities that shaped me. I’m split between these places and a few others, but browse this tag (it’s pretty sparse now, I know, but stick with it; it should grow!) to see things to do and places to see in these zip codes.