the IT girl

I scribbled this between my finance and database programming classes during my fall semester of senior year. It signified the kind of woman that I wanted to be. I spent the next week rolling it around in my head, and couldn’t shake it, so finally gave in and typed it up here.

The IT girl

is unashamed of her intelligence, her worth, her capability. she brushes on two coats of mascara before heading out the door every morning. accepts compliments graciously. refuses to be limited to one area of excellence. wears heels because they intimidate the guy two cubicles down. she carries in her purse a flash drive, three different shades of lipstick, a bit of code scribbled on a starbucks napkin, and a wallet-size of her godchildren. is clever, but doesn’t feel the need to prove it, and is never snide. walks with a straight back and a level chin, the same way in flats and stilletos. brings a coffee for the person next to her, when she knows they’ve had a rough week. keeps a blanket scarf and an emergency stash of green tea in the filing drawer of her desk. has a special smile reserved for people who joke about her being a woman in a man’s field. believes coffee completes an outfit. deliberately wears mint green or blush pink to an executive meeting. takes notes on personalized notepad. believes in the power of her smile. fearlessly and relentlessly follows her dreams. she innovates, leads, brightens, triumphs, creates, delights.